Introducing The Weekly Whatever

The beginning of a new weekly project with Pica creative (Simeon Georgive). He started doing mini projects that were to take no more than 10 mins. We decided that it would be cool to see how two people deal with the same strict -10mins ONLY on the same small brief dictating number of words titleContinue reading “Introducing The Weekly Whatever”

Post from March 2010 about the font Kabel

Post from March 2010 about the font Kabel, for all the font fanatics   I’ve seen an increase of the font Geometr and especially the 231 version (If I’ve identified it right; well it seems to be this version anyway) in advertising and branding. They think that it is right font for the Brakes brand,Continue reading “Post from March 2010 about the font Kabel”

Clarity- modernism and the chase for the Crystal goblet

Beatris Warde said that the person that chose the Crystal goblet was a Modernist. I think that self proclaimed modernist Wim Crouwel would agree with her- “I am always interested in Clarity; It should be clear; It should be readable; It should be straight forward” -(Helvetica by Hustwit 2007) It is the word clarity. ByContinue reading “Clarity- modernism and the chase for the Crystal goblet”

Jazz in the Bar

About halfway through 2011 I started to produce the advertising material for Jazz in the Bar Brecon. I first established their identity based around the blue note records. I chose Futura because I think it has better form than some of the deco fonts, making it more readable and suitable for this purpose, yet becauseContinue reading “Jazz in the Bar”

Experimental Typography

The experimental typography project allowed me to do something that was completely different. I set some indulgent parameters to begin with; I wanted it to be completed by hand and I wanted it to be in colour, but aside from those restrictions I allowed myself to do whatever. I got into ‘cut ups’ inspired by theContinue reading “Experimental Typography”

Competition brief and old post 2010

Over 80 years old, and still looking like the future. After thinking about designing an alternative to Kabel, I got pulled into a competition to give back German words that the british have borrowed. I immediately found Futura in my font navigator; after all it is the most famous German typeface, isn’t it? After playing aboutContinue reading “Competition brief and old post 2010”

Everybody’s Free

  This project was to create a book using the lyrics to “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” released by Baz Luhrmann in 1999. I decidesd to create a grunge looking book with matt finnish pages to symbolize my feeling of the ending of that era at the time. I used very cheap materials to createContinue reading “Everybody’s Free”