Post from March 2010 about the font Kabel

Post from March 2010 about the font Kabel, for all the font fanatics


I’ve seen an increase of the font Geometr and especially the 231 version (If I’ve identified it right; well it seems to be this version anyway) in advertising and branding. They think that it is right font for the Brakes brand, what about this very modern looking font says food distribution company?


 It has been at the back of my mind turning itself over and over, “why Geometr?” And not just for Brakes. But why is this font becoming Popular?
I have come to a conclusion, It may not be the right one, but it is at the very least a thought-
After thinking heavily on peoples passive reaction to Helvetica replacing Johnston’s Underground font at one of London’s stations; I think that the similarity between sans serifs is a factor; It wouldn’t be that much of a change to the ordinary person to see one sans serif replace another.
Since the 60’s Helvetica has been popping up everywhere. So many companies re-branded themselves using this font (usually as the result of branding agencies.) It has held on as well, I am sure that in the western world everyone reads Helvetica more than once a day, whether they are aware of it or not. So is it time for a change? Has another font got to make the rounds like Helvetica?

This is where Geometr steps in, especially the forms like 231. They are obviously different form other sans serif fonts whilst not being too different to scare people off. It looks contemporary as well, almost like it was designed yesterday even though  it wasn’t. For these reasons I believe that Geometr might make the re-branding rounds like Helvetica, but as to say if it will be as successful as Helvetica; we will have to wait and see if it catches on and snowballs.

The designer was Rudolf Koch (1876-1934.) I think that Geometr was inspired by Kabel (which Koch designed), as Geometr 231 is almost a replica. It seems that the fonts weren’t released until 70’s (Kabel) and 80’s (Geometr)


I later found out that it is indeed a replica, digitized by Bitstream.

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