Islamic Awareness Day

Culturaer Mundi

New poster for the Culturae Mundi Project this time for the Islamic Awareness Day. The pattern was inspired by ancient Islamic art to give an bit of visual intrigue for the event.

With Gerogi-

Weekly Whatever pattern

playing with shapes

This one took a little longer than ten mins if I am to be honest. This is a response to the last whatever, playing with the colours was a lot of fun, even if the result last week was a little un-refined and clunky. Inspired by the pattern that I created in the Nowrs project poster, I wanted to try the triangular pattern again, so i decided to use this as an oppertunity. Hope you like.

A rework of the colours

And so today would be relaxing?

What else are you going to do with a free day? click to see flicker lightbox


This is the first run off from the block printing press that I made last month, and it is looking promising. I think that all I need to sort is the padding and the printing medium, at the moment I am useing 1part water and 4 parts PVA- probably no way near as good as the image might be if I was useing Rowney, but at least I know that the press works!