Branding Artwork

Artwork form latest Branding project


To add to a recent branding project I thought it would be nice to create some graphic art to accompany the brand to be used on the flyer or website. It was actually well received and will be used along with my brand proposal with very little revisions.


Whatever Knot

The beginning of a knot design for first project after Uni

So internship starts off with conceptual branding and re-stylizing a website. This is for the latter and is slowly developing how the websites iconsĀ  will look.

After the whatever

So the prep for the degree show has finished and the privet view was on friday, it really does spell the end of university (except a final assessment) and as such I want to get another portfolio on the go. The next batch will be numbered and use the same colour pallet as my branding. So here’s a first look at the first draft of the graphic for the front page.

Oh the font used is Oswald by NEWTYPOGRAPHY