I have been looking into the advantages of rendering through GPU instead of CPU (using the graphics card instead of the computers processor). Theres alot of talk of it being quicker but surely its all relative?


My machine is very humble but I know for a fact that the little NVIDIA graphics card in my machine does not compete with my four cores in the Intel i3. So how much would I have to part with to get a graphics card that would give significant results in the render times.


Blenders 2.7x Cycles benchmark


Step one is to bench mark my machine.

i3 2120 @ 3.30hz 8gb of ram with NVIDIA GeForce GT 430

CUP 13:53 and GPU 39:22

Now I just need to find a graphics card that works for me on the Blenderartist forum.

This card should do this test in less than 2mins(If the guys post on the linked page about Nvidia GTX 780-DC2 3GB – overclocked to 1145MHz is right) and for ¬£140 quid … Not a bad investment!!

I will hope to get a card that will be able to get my hands on one with openCL as I would like to be ready for the release of the radeon prorender… When ever that is going to be. 

iMac at work. 3.5Ghz Intel core i7, 32gb ram and Nvidea GeForce GTX 780m.

CPU 3:55 GPU 3:47

Update the old computer started to give up the ghost – i think that rendering all the time was a little too much for the poor thing, so the whole thing needed to be replaced. 

My new machine specs are:

AMD Fx 4300 quad running at 3.8hz with 12gb of ram and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti

CPU 14:36 GPU 2:07 

The latter is astoundingly fast, and i have the option to push it further with overclocking. This is also nearly half the time of my iMac at work!

From hand painting and pencil work to 3d rendering

Such an eclectic group of work – Massimo Vignelli did say that if you can design a book you can design a skyscraper (paraphrased), also I am always brought back to the publishers note inside my printing design and layout by Vincent steer..

“This book deals with fundamentals, those unchanging principles which will be as up to date in the yer 2000 A.D. as they were when the laws of design were first propounded by the Ancient Greeks, who applied them to Sculpture and Calligraphy… one can no more change the the law of balance than the law of gravity”

Im sure that this can be found elsewhere in this websites back log, but unfortunately I have no idea  whos musings they are.

As I have let this blog fall by the wayside, allot has been going on as possibly the instagram has given hints. My new work here has taken over but I have started to claw back some time to work on personal projects. I have been introduced to CG graphics and have realised that there is so much in common to photography. The challenge of photo-realism is very appealing also – I have recently been captivated by creating textures and creating product shots.



I am hoping to use this blog now to log my struggles and successes with Blender and hope that others may find it useful and I may be able to provide some procedural textures too.