Dynamic Range and Photo-realism



I stumbled onto this post by Blender Guru.


I strongly recommend any Blender users to have a look at this, and also all of the other Andrew Price tutorials on Blender Guru. A very great and Informative Website for Blender users.

this particular post is about a common problem with 3d programs and it is to do with the colour space that the program uses to produce its images, Andrew goes into alot of detail in the tutorial. Blender does fall short on this, but the beauty to open source programs is that someone has found a solution it is called Filmic Blender and it is a colour profile that is made to replicate ACES and you can get it for free here:-


-Download Filmic Blender
-Unzip it to datafiles folder of Blender
-Rename the existing ‘colormanagement’ folder to ‘colormanagement_oldbackup’ -Rename the newly unzipped folder to ‘colormanagement’ Ensure that when you open colormanagement you’re able to see the looks & luts folders inside (so they’re not inside another subfolder)
-Open Blender and you should be able to see the results in the Color Management Panel:

Whilst using this colour space the renders that you will get will natural seem more realistic as the lighting and the way that colour is treated is more real to life, the exposure is more natural and generally everything seems easier to get a real feel in the render.