Robot arm

Have been trying to find some time to look at a bit more animation and with the addition of people to my set renders I have been also been investigating rig systems and how to apply them and alter the deformation values. I came up with this little animation idea to practice some rigging andContinue reading “Robot arm”

Compositing techniques and luts

I have been struggling with the lighting in the new set visuals as Cycles is such a different rendering system to cinema 4d. And I over read someone on a forum talking about the compositor… now while i have know that the compositor is there and I have dabbled I have never seriously had aContinue reading “Compositing techniques and luts”

Bottle build-in

  Leaning animation nodes has been hard going but it really does open some doors into what you can achieve and speed for product build ins. This may not be the best example of what can be achieved but to know this can be done in 3 days by a dabbler in AN at bestContinue reading “Bottle build-in”