Digital Painting & Photobashing

So it has been getting increasingly difficult for me to be able to get some quality time to do art recently… well alright so I am doing 3d and graphics at work… but there is nothing quite like the personal project that can take as long as it needs to and can go wherever you feel like

So I have managed to take charge of my partners tablet and got i finity painter installed on it and have started to delve into some photobashing during my commuteing time.

Here are the first results from this endevour.

Chilling in Spain

Has been a great week relaxing in Spain with family, so havent had the chance to do any work. I have been investigating about retopology something that has always concerned me. Im following the creature factory workflow workshop on the blender cloud and its amazing how much time you can spend simply stareing at how someone solvezs poligon problems. Should be pretty interesting to see what i come up with…. eventually!!!

Problem Solving, With Animation Nodes

I have been incorporating animation nodes into my daily work with great effect. I have found that revisions take so much less time as animation changes are done through number changes and not keyframes. Also they can be used to create initial geometry… which i do need to look into.

Nodes used
Nodes used to connect the particles in cover image

Recently I have been trying to work on a raising heat visualisation… trying to randomly animate growth of 600 + Lines… I traced particles to make the spline paths (with Btrace) and then used this node setup to randomly grow a separate spline along it.


Animation nodes takes an age to get used to but I do think the results are worth it.