Now i have started in 2.8

The release candidate of blender 2.8 has been launched and i have started to roll it out at work… only for new work – it seems to hate 7.9 files… but using the 2d animation set up makes blender one of the quickest animation tools i have ever used… even quicker than After Effects! Eevee really seems to stand out in this environment too being able to shade with nodes for 2d work is so much nicer to deal with than the old blender render, not to mention the ability to break out into 3d when you like. The work bench engin is a masivly impressive revamp… i have found that it really helps me get a good sense of the outcome whilst im building in 3d and i have found that my clients are understanding the test renders that i send them better than they did before with the clay viewport renders….

Working in blender is really becoming a nice experience instead of a chore.


Fixing Geometry

Creating good geometry is one of the foundations of 3d. Without good geometry the final result will be poor, no matter the effort on the texture or attention to lighting. So spending a good amount of time obsessing with finished geometry can hep you dearly when you need to sort out poor geometry that has been supplied to you… or or even the unexpected results from boole operations!
I have found that learning W and F menus are invaluable when handling the small geometry detail work – as is being able to see the best way that polies can be broke down. Getting stuck in to re-make parts of the geometry by hand has been the best thing to get good results at the rendering stage if the geometry is compleately knackerd from a boole ooeration.

After I got used to this clean up opperation approach to geometry I had another look at retopo and found that I had a better understanding of what needed to be done – and certainly a better idea of how I could get there. Shrink wrap, and mirror modifyers help speed up the retopo process but again it is about getting your hands dirty and editing the vertex points one by one to create the contours of the model so modifyers work as they should and light reflects as it should… also useing the crease weight markers in the T bar along with bevel set to weight helps when then adding a sub surface.

Unfortunatly when it comes to problem solving the compression of quad numbers down effecivly i have no tips or advice… im still running on trial and error… and i need to solve the pinching that appears from this….

Hope this helps you approch retopo as a subject… I have found it invaluble to learn as my understanding of geometry has grown just by the practice

Digital Painting & Photobashing

So it has been getting increasingly difficult for me to be able to get some quality time to do art recently… well alright so I am doing 3d and graphics at work… but there is nothing quite like the personal project that can take as long as it needs to and can go wherever you feel like

So I have managed to take charge of my partners tablet and got i finity painter installed on it and have started to delve into some photobashing during my commuteing time.

Here are the first results from this endevour.

Chilling in Spain

Has been a great week relaxing in Spain with family, so havent had the chance to do any work. I have been investigating about retopology something that has always concerned me. Im following the creature factory workflow workshop on the blender cloud and its amazing how much time you can spend simply stareing at how someone solvezs poligon problems. Should be pretty interesting to see what i come up with…. eventually!!!

Problem Solving, With Animation Nodes

I have been incorporating animation nodes into my daily work with great effect. I have found that revisions take so much less time as animation changes are done through number changes and not keyframes. Also they can be used to create initial geometry… which i do need to look into.

Nodes used
Nodes used to connect the particles in cover image

Recently I have been trying to work on a raising heat visualisation… trying to randomly animate growth of 600 + Lines… I traced particles to make the spline paths (with Btrace) and then used this node setup to randomly grow a separate spline along it.


Animation nodes takes an age to get used to but I do think the results are worth it.

Animation Nodes, Torus

So this weekend I wanted to get back into some procedural animation… Think that it will be useful for build ins and such. I was watching some vids of Zach Hixson to get a better feel for Animation Nodes as I still feel a little out of depth… But do feel Like Im getting the hang of it now…

Some screenshots of the build

Hope you like the build and animation.

Music By Ketsa –

Getting addicted to his stuff!

Eevee testing

A first look at eevee as a renderer…

In terms of look dev… Just wow… So responsive and updates immediatly as you change lighting… And with perfect clarity to boot…

Whilst openGL rendering was massivly fast… 1500 frames in under an hour… It lacked clarity well at least depth of field. Anamating straight out was taking about 30sec a frame and there was some loading and saving time per frame making it closer to 45sec to a min. So mabe something for me to look at there in terms of efficency as this would probably be the same for cycles… Any hoo hope you like this output…

Music By Ketsa –

Blender 2.8 and developments

So it has been a long couple of months… Should be getting a house soon yay and also I have got some full time work where I am now working in 3d and its looking good. So I heard that blender 2.8s beta has got more stable so this weekend I have decided to get my hands dirty.

The speed updates to cycles makes look development an absolute breeze… And luckily asset management and speed flow are working in 2.8 so modelling is awsum too.

The UI update took a while to get used too but as soon as you get it it works like a dream… Great update altogether… So for my home development work I think I will be making the switch… And hopefully in three months I will take it up at work…. Think that next stop will be Eevee testing…. Well let’s not get ahead of myself….

Robot arm

Have been trying to find some time to look at a bit more animation and with the addition of people to my set renders I have been also been investigating rig systems and how to apply them and alter the deformation values.

I came up with this little animation idea to practice some rigging and rig animation… And generally see how far I can push my animation techniques.

Compositing techniques and luts

I have been struggling with the lighting in the new set visuals as Cycles is such a different rendering system to cinema 4d. And I over read someone on a forum talking about the compositor… now while i have know that the compositor is there and I have dabbled I have never seriously had a good look at what it can do for me.


Remembering some basic colour correction ideas from my photography days I have worked out this little system to work out the lightest and darkest point and I’m still working out the best way to find the grey point… although this might want to be a floating point as you can burn out the lights that can be very useful for a more punchy look.


So this is a massively useful tool that I really shouldn’t have been overlooking… Will also see if I can find luts for this tool… or it may be fun to make my own system for look ups.