And so today would be relaxing?

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This is the first run off from the block printing press that I made last month, and it is looking promising. I think that all I need to sort is the padding and the printing medium, at the moment I am useing 1part water and 4 parts PVA- probably no way near as good as the image might be if I was useing Rowney, but at least I know that the press works!

Experimental Typography

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The experimental typography project allowed me to do something that was completely different. I set some indulgent parameters to begin with; I wanted it to be completed by hand and I wanted it to be in colour, but aside from those restrictions I allowed myself to do whatever. I got into ‘cut ups’¬†inspired by the Dadaists and found out that William Burroughs and David Bowie used them also. I used the technique to create the poem and then cut up Ariel (well used the top left and bottom right of Ariel) to illustrate it.

Really enjoyed the freedom of this brief even if I am a little unhappy with the outcome.