New Concept


From working at a stationers that deals with fine pens, I have been aware of the concept of Penmanship- the act of writing with the hand. But what about the idea of drawing with the hand, or the art of drawing letters – not writing? I coin the word Pencilmanship to describe this act because it sounds fitting to the art-form, it was a nice project  to illustrate and also its going to wind up some of my friends.


Trying out FC Pitt Pens

Nice pens overall.
The single thing that attracted me to trying this pen out is the fact it uses Indian ink- the finish is superb, as dark as you would expect from this kind of  ink.
The body seems a little cheap, compared to the Staedtler pigment liner anyway- the nib feels competent though and the brush nib is great for filling in areas… One of the other features of this pen is the vast amount of nibs fine to chisel something for every occasion from sketching to lining to filling.
Overall a great sturdy choice of pen for the artist who needs to more than just line work.

Hope this helps.