Blender 2.8 and developments

So it has been a long couple of months… Should be getting a house soon yay and also I have got some full time work where I am now working in 3d and its looking good. So I heard that blender 2.8s beta has got more stable so this weekend I have decided to get my hands dirty.

The speed updates to cycles makes look development an absolute breeze… And luckily asset management and speed flow are working in 2.8 so modelling is awsum too.

The UI update took a while to get used too but as soon as you get it it works like a dream… Great update altogether… So for my home development work I think I will be making the switch… And hopefully in three months I will take it up at work…. Think that next stop will be Eevee testing…. Well let’s not get ahead of myself….

Proof of Concept Set Visual

I have been working on creating set and event visuals with reasonable rendering times ready to roll out as a product option for clients. This is the proof of concept 360.


Branding Artwork

Artwork form latest Branding project


To add to a recent branding project I thought it would be nice to create some graphic art to accompany the brand to be used on the flyer or website. It was actually well received and will be used along with my brand proposal with very little revisions.