Talybont on a gloomy day


I went to talybont on usk, where i grew up, to show my dad how to use his new christmas camera- A nice bridge fuji camera, he has been promised a DSL if he can take care of this one. Took my D40 for a couple of walks around the area on a very dull day whilst explaining the functions and theary of photography.



So following the food fest there was a vintage fair and the weather was slightly better.  Inspired by some of the deco pieces that I saw in the fair, I have created this design in the last couple of hours.  I have lifted the colours directly from some of the pieces that were on display.

Some days

Inspired by the 1966 film Batman

I know I have been very silent for a while , things have been going a little mental this end. I should be a little more active now. In the mean time enjoy this Adam West inspired Whatever.


Love the Classic Comedy of the Goons

Another weekly whatever. Trying out different style for the 50’s. By celebrateing the awsum Goons.

Again useing Alegreya, like last weeks,but showing what can be done with the other styles of this serif font.


-see the whole archive at: http://be.net/smileproject

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