Metal Type Project

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In the second year I got the chance to head up a project in the metal type workshop, something that I took up as I wouldn’t get to do anything like it again. A couple of other students and I created a working studio space in the extra room where we could easily work and look over proofs. We then had to teach Foundation students how to use the equipment, produce artwork ourselves and put together a manual explaining how to use the workshop.

Something that I found whilst researching for this project-

“The reports of my death were greatly exaggerated.

The almost complete takeover of ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ printing by digital and photolithographic processes has not brought about the death, but rather the emancipation of letterpress.

The text of real books – visual and tactile delights destined to be read and re-read, lovingly sniffed and fondled and handed on to the next of kin
– are still printed letterpress!”
(Flyer printed by the Old Forge Press, 2002)


Everybody’s Free


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This project was to create a book using the lyrics to “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” released by Baz Luhrmann in 1999. I decidesd to create a grunge looking book with matt finnish pages to symbolize my feeling of the ending of that era at the time. I used very cheap materials to create a well crafted photography book that I think makes quite a nice little artifact.

Hoven Quill

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During the second year of uni I decided that it would be a good idea to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, as I have been predominately using Corel Draw. This was a project run by the University where I had to create a character and other pieces in Illustrator and then artwork as if for a client.