Hive and Manta

Been working on a project with a GD friend. He worked on the branding of the project we collaborated on the product design and then I wen through to the product shooting, in 3d of course. Half way through the project Blender 2.82 came out boasting Manta flow as the new simulation system, seemed likeContinue reading “Hive and Manta”

Problem Solving, With Animation Nodes

I have been incorporating animation nodes into my daily work with great effect. I have found that revisions take so much less time as animation changes are done through number changes and not keyframes. Also they can be used to create initial geometry… which i do need to look into. Recently I have been tryingContinue reading “Problem Solving, With Animation Nodes”

Eevee testing

A first look at eevee as a renderer… In terms of look dev… Just wow… So responsive and updates immediatly as you change lighting… And with perfect clarity to boot… Whilst openGL rendering was massivly fast… 1500 frames in under an hour… It lacked clarity well at least depth of field. Anamating straight out wasContinue reading “Eevee testing”

Blender 2.8 and developments

So it has been a long couple of months… Should be getting a house soon yay and also I have got some full time work where I am now working in 3d and its looking good. So I heard that blender 2.8s beta has got more stable so this weekend I have decided to getContinue reading “Blender 2.8 and developments”

Bottle build-in

  Leaning animation nodes has been hard going but it really does open some doors into what you can achieve and speed for product build ins. This may not be the best example of what can be achieved but to know this can be done in 3 days by a dabbler in AN at bestContinue reading “Bottle build-in”

Some 3D Work

I have been doing some work recently for a Gemstone seller and I decided that it would be an interesting to try and texture different gemstones in Blender.  These are Chakra coloured gemstones with some other whatnots to make the scene a little more interesting. My GeForce GTX 1050 (Slightly Clocked) manages to squeeze thisContinue reading “Some 3D Work”