Modelling faster with speedflow

Ive always used speedflow, i find it is a quick way to import primatives and apply bevels and subdivisions… But I never really took it much further. Now being in 2.8 and getting the updates I wanted to put a bit more time into what can be achived with this addon and how it can help me work faster. Its called parametric modelling, you work from the simplest base primative, somtimes even a single vertex, and stack modifiers to build up the final result… this also helps as the end result can usually be systamaticly changed by altering modifyers or changing single verticies at the base level… hummm… maybe sounds harder than it really is here is a speed up of 2hours of me getting to grips with the new speedflow and parametric modelling… creating a boring asset for work.

Compositing techniques and luts

I have been struggling with the lighting in the new set visuals as Cycles is such a different rendering system to cinema 4d. And I over read someone on a forum talking about the compositor… now while i have know that the compositor is there and I have dabbled I have never seriously had a good look at what it can do for me.


Remembering some basic colour correction ideas from my photography days I have worked out this little system to work out the lightest and darkest point and I’m still working out the best way to find the grey point… although this might want to be a floating point as you can burn out the lights that can be very useful for a more punchy look.


So this is a massively useful tool that I really shouldn’t have been overlooking… Will also see if I can find luts for this tool… or it may be fun to make my own system for look ups.

Some 3D Work

Texturing for different Stones

I have been doing some work recently for a Gemstone seller and I decided that it would be an interesting to try and texture different gemstones in Blender.  These are Chakra coloured gemstones with some other whatnots to make the scene a little more interesting. My GeForce GTX 1050 (Slightly Clocked) manages to squeeze this out in under half hour at HD