The Weekly Whatever

The second whatever. This was about contrast originally, but I wanted to focus on classical typography white letter specifically, so I dug out my Printing Design and Layout and found this passage. I used Baskervill as it is a classic font with good contrast between the thicks and the thins. Brief: Two point sizes, Two colours, a section that is inverted, the use of a seriffed font. Font- ITC Baskerville.

Simeon’s response:¬†


Introducing The Weekly Whatever

The beginning of a new weekly project with Pica creative (Simeon Georgive). He started doing mini projects that were to take no more than 10 mins. We decided that it would be cool to see how two people deal with the same strict -10mins ONLY on the same small brief dictating number of words title and amount of objects, all contained in a 13cm square at 150DPI.

This paticular one was 150 words and 2 shapes. See Simeons here